According to U.S. technology blog TheNextWeb reported after experiencing defeat Myspace, News Corporation (News Corporation)'s Dow Jones & Company (Dow Jones) program in its flagship product, "Wall Street Journal" (The Wall Street Journal) platforms like LinkedIn to build a social network, so that users can not only read the news, but also demonstrate its biographical and other information.

Dow Jones & Company CEO Lux ‧ Fenwick (Lex Fenwick) said: "Let's build social networking platform to increase user stickiness, allowing users to stay longer on the site, while the company also mastered a lot of user interests and concerns of the data, to help advertisers Lord more accurate advertising. 

Create "Wall Street Journal" The biggest highlight of social networking platforms, is a known "WSJ Resume" (WSJ Profile) of new features. Users can register their own account, and create a resume. In the analog version of Dow Jones & Company show WSJ resume (most likely this version is the final version), the contents include contact information, work experience, personal profiles and educational background, and is very similar to the form of LinkedIn, which is also the "Wall Street Journal" Readers base is mainly business people are not unrelated.

In addition, users can also have a registered account after sending private messages, upload blog post published research results and other functions.

Estimated WSJ resume function will be released in the coming weeks, but Fenwick is not yet described in different regions of the function followed by release, or in the simultaneous global release.

This will be the "Wall Street Journal" a major transformation, or be able to bring with them a wealth of user data. These data will allow advertisers to advertise more accurately, increase user click-through rate, helping companies to improve advertising costs.

Of course, the premise is that the social networking platform to be successful. News Corp. has invested $ 580 million acquisition of social networking platforms has been all the rage Myspace, but eventually in June 2011 to $ 35 million of low-cost to sell it to the U.S. online advertising network Specific Media.

Currently, the "Wall Street Journal" subscription and social features a two-pronged efforts to achieve sustainable business patterns. However, the LinkedIn social platform will become a competitor, and whether they could really bring valuable experience for the user, remains to be seen.