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20 Cheat Sheets for Web Development you must have

September 11, 2012
20 Cheat Sheets for Web Development you must have

Every single time when you get stuck on some problem on web development, you may go to Google or break out the library of programming books. However, I am going to present you a lists of useful cheat sheets for your easy reference while doing your web development. Just bookmark this page, hence you can easily access to all of the cheat sheets if you find it helpful.

1) PHP

PHP Cheat Sheet


MYSQL Cheat Sheet

3) JavaScript

JavaScript Cheat Sheet

4) CSS

CSS Cheat Sheet

5) Regular Expression

Regular Expression

6) Apache’s mod_rewrite

Apache's mod_rewrite


HTML Cheat Sheet

8) HTML Character Entities

HTML Character Entities Cheat Sheet

9) RGB Hex Color Codes

RGB Hex Color Codes Cheat Sheet

10) jQuery

jQuery Cheat Sheet

11) SEO

SEO Cheat Sheet

12) HTML5

HTML5 Cheat Sheet

13) Google Analytical

 Google Analytics Cheat Sheet

14) WordPress

WordPress Cheat Sheet

15) Subversion

Subversion Cheat Sheet

16) Eclipse

Eclipse Cheat Sheet

17) Google Search Engine

Google Search Engine Cheat Sheet

18) Twitter

Twitter Cheat Sheet

19) CakePHP

CakePHP Cheat Sheet

20 CodeIgniter

CodeIgniter Cheat Sheet